Among the five departments in TITI, Research and Development Department is one of them. The research and development department is responsible for the development of new services and product or improve the existing one. Follow up is one of the activities conducted by the research and development department. After each fiscal year, the R&D department of TITI prepares the list of participants who had taken the training from TITI to conduct the follow up. If the number of participants in one technical school taking the same training is five or above, then TOTEM analysis is also conducted to know the rate of transfer of training. During the follow up, TITI trainers visit the schools to conduct interviews, observe classes and obtain training demands. Peer support system is another event conducted by the R&D department. In peer support system, sharing event is conducted where the skill, knowledge and experience is shared among the trainers and staff of TITI. Any trainer or staff, after participating in any training or workshop shares his/her experience and learning with the rest of the trainers and staff of TITI. In addition, experts are also called to share their knowledge and experience during this event. Publication is another responsibility of the research and development department. The Research and Development department publishes TITI newsletter quarterly. The newsletter consists of articles from the executive director, trainer, customers’ voice and customer organization etc. The research and development department also publishes a journal annually, which consists of articles related to TVET written by various authors. The journal published by the research department has an ISSN number and is also linked with Nepjol, i.e. the journal is also available online. Lastly, the research and development department conducts in-depth impact assessment, internal as well as external performance evaluation, action research etc. as per the need of the institution.